Photoshop Text Effects

metal text effect

wood text effect


Photoshop: Me in New York City

me in new york

Today I took a picture in front of a green screen. I uploaded the picture to photoshop where I was then able to use the quick selection tool to outline my body, I then selected the inverse option so that the eraser tool I used would erase everything in the background but me. I saved the file as png so it can remain transparent. After that I found a picture of a crowd on a New York City Street and uploaded it to photoshop as well where i moved the picture of me into the crowd.

Photoshop: Black and White , Before and After

before and after red

before and after

For this assignment I chose two black and white photos of faces and added color to their skin, hair, eyes and lips. I had opened multiple layers above the copy of the original photos so that I can apply any color that I like to the layer category I am working on I would then set it to overlay so the skin or eyes etc. would look like that color and finally I changed the opacity or intensity of the color to make it look more “natural”.