Animated Banner


About my banner.

My banner was adapted from my black on white logo design I took my initials and had them slowly come into view   then I added a flash of white to transition to the reverse white on black design.

Steps I took

Step 1. I took the black on white logo I made on photoshop and created a timeline by going to window > timeline. 

Step 2.  I duplicated my logo 5 Times.

Step 3. I erased the last two initials and filled the space in white for my first frame.

Step 4.  On the second frame I only erased the R and filled in the space white

Step 5. I left the logo as the original with all initials on it.

step 6.  I filled in the entire frame white; erasing my logo for a quick flash effect.

Step 7. I reversed the coloring of my logo for the last frame so it is white on black.

Step 8. Adjust timing to my desired look and set the repeat for forever.

Step 9. Save for Web and select Gif.


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