My experience at WordCamp Orlando 2015

WordCamp Orlando 2015 was an AMAZING experience for me I volunteered as a greeter and floating happiness helper and participated in the setup and breakdown of the event. I felt it was a great opportunity for me as a web development student as I got to meet new people, network, make connections and learn so much from fellow developers and WordPress Wizards. Today I am going to share with you an overview of the sessions I attended along with my key takeaways and some of the slides the speakers provided.

Day 01: Workshops

I kicked off day one helping set up rooms but mainly I was greeting people at the registration table and handing out “swag bags”, maps and giving directions.  Thankfully everyone there was very friendly and you really felt the sense of community.

Each workshop consisted of 3hrs of lessons.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nile Flores, Chris Edwards

Now for those of you who know me (like my classmates) I am an SEO fanatic so of course I would attend this workshop over others. Unfortunately I didn’t take much notes but here is an overview of what was to be covered from the WordCamp Orlando website:

SEO, short for search engine optimization, can be a headache for the new website owner. Terms like focus keyword, header tags, user experience, website page load, Google Search Console, and more, can be overwhelming.

Our workshop will go over the basics of SEO, specifically best practices, in order to take away those headaches.

If you’re a beginner, or still need to learn a solid foundation on SEO basics, this this is the workshop for you. This workshop is intended to lead up to the Content Creation course so you can be fully prepared to put your best foot forward for your visitors, and on Google search.

– WordCamp Orlando


Content Production

Jennifer CoxAngelica Yarde, Andrea La-Rosa


Creating content for your WordPress site can seem overwhelming but with the proper tools, it can be easy and effective. In this session, we will be offering an overview of how to create effective content for SEO and marketing, how to do it consistently to avoid burnout, and how to make your content work for you. We will also be sharing the tools we use for content production.

This three-hour workshop will be a hands-on learning experience so be sure to bring your laptop. We also encourage you to complete the SEO workshop prior to this workshop as we will sharing how to create search engine optimized content. This workshop is great for beginner users who need help understanding how effective content can be to their site or to the intermediate level user who wants to know how to overcome the content production battle. We look forward helping you find the ease in content production. – WordCamp Orlando

Key takeaways:


  • Genertate
  • Organize
  • Maximize

Andrea La-Rosa Slide,  Angelica Yarde Slide

Day 02:

Teaching Your clients to use WordPress

Nile Flores


You’ve probably seen it happen- someone complains because they just got a website, but they don’t know how to use it. Their designer or developer or project manager just left them high and dry without some type of direction or documentation.

Let’s face it, as a designer or developer or project manager, you’re definitely going to run into someone who isn’t really that familiar with WordPress. In fact, you’ll encounter all sorts of user levels when it comes to working with clients. How do you teach your client how to use their WordPress website? How do you figure it into your project’s scope? If you don’t like teaching them, what can you do to make sure your relationship with your client ends on a good note because you were diligent to give them the tools they need to continue on their own?

I’ll be going over strategies to help you put together a plan on teaching your clients how to use WordPress. Let’s decrease the frustration together and allow your clients to become enthusiastic WordPress users that are making money.  – WordCamp Orlando

Key Takeaways:

Training is always in proposal


Live Streaming on a WP site

Bess Auer


Video and in particularly live streaming allows you to instantly connect with your audience in a real-time way. Thanks to the ease of using ready-made platforms like Livestream and Ustream, and now apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Nomadcast, utilizing this media on your WordPress site is easier and more effective than ever. Bess will cover not only the technology and must-have hardware for live streaming, but also the most effective streaming platforms and website considerations you must decide when utilizing this exciting content. – WordCamp Orlando


Five Events In The Life Of Every WordPress Request You Should Know

Josh Pollock


WordPress is a magical system that turns any URL into a web page, dynamically. In this talk, aimed at beginning wizards, looking to develop new WordPress powers, we’re going to take a look at five major events in the transformation of a request to your site, into a web page.

This talk is for new plugin developers, or those looking to increase their skills in the art of custom site development. It is designed to show you where to look when you need to change WordPress’ behavior to fit your specific needs and increase your ability to make use of WordPress hooks. – WordCamp Orlando


Repurposing Your Blog Posts: How to Save Time byExtending the Life of Your Content

Andrea La-Rosa


Blogging burnout is a real thing: it can be creatively exhausting to come up with 5 or 10 new pieces of content week after week. In this panel, you’ll learn how to identify your blog’s best existing content, then quickly repurpose it into a YouTube, series of posts, email course, eBook, infographic, slide show and more – leaving you less time coming up with new things to write, and more time to market the great content you already have. – WordCamp Orlando


Day 03:

When Giving It Away is a Mistake 15 Years of Lessons Learned About Being Too Nice

Scott Mann


Scott comes from a long line of business owners that drove their businesses into the ground by being too nice. He spent 5 years not charging enough and 10 years doing favors that were never returned. He’s here to share some of his hard-knocks tips and tactics on staying nice but earning what you deserve and leveling up your business. – WordCamp Orlando


WordPress Growth Hacks

Chris Lawson


WordPress’ extensibility not only allows for additional features, but also the ability to grow your user base rapidly. We will discuss many ‘growth hacks” available through plugins and coded functionality.

Growth Hacking is more than just marketing; it is the narrow focus of growing your user base (rapidly) through optimizing how they got to your site, the user experience funnel while they are there, and how you keep them active. Through a series of systems, processes, and mindsets, you can continually experiment with different growth hacks to see which ones grow and convert your visitors, email list, or customers. – WordCamp Orlando


Google Analytics

Mike Hansen


Having a website is a great, but if you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, are you getting the most out of your site? Mike Hansen’s presentation will review the Google Analytics dashboard and describe how best to use it, as well as create a list of things to do right now to improve your data like setting up site search, custom filters to remove common spam referrers, setup goals and automating your reports. – WordCamp Orlando

Work Smarter not Harder: WordPress for the Average Business

Tim Sisson


We’ll be looking at how the average business owner can launch a WordPress website in minimal time. Let’s face it, we all want to spend more time on our business and less time on a website. Learn how you can maximize what WordPress does for your business and how that leads to more time cultivating revenue.  – WordCamp Orlando

WordPress for Everyone: Case Studies for Non-Profits, Education, and Bloggers

Angelica Yarde


Are you unsure if WordPress is the platform for you or your business?. From a range of topics from themes, plugins, custom-builds, e-commerce, and more, I will share three case studies of how I’ve used WordPress in different ways to centralize three different brands online. The case studies covered here will share how WordPress can be beneficial to almost any business.  – WordCamp Orlando




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